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Who is Maven Capital?

 Maven Capital is a specialist financial services business that supports its advisers by providing Technical Resources and Solutions, Comprehensive Compliance and Audit programs, Ongoing Education, Collaborating in Business Assessments and Risk Management, PI cover and Commission Administration. Our fees are scaled to the business and risk and can be fixed, based on a percentage or a combination of both, such is the flexibility.


Our skilled management and Professional Standards team work closely with our advisers to ensure a smooth and efficient transition and ongoing working relationship.


 Maven Capital's goal is to provide a robust support platform to our advisers so they may achieve their goals and aspirations


What is happening in the financial advisors' world?

There’s a level of anxiety felt by many around our industry at this time. 


Published reports estimate current events may lead to the industry shrinking by a third or even half the number of current advisers by 2024. That’s a loss of between 8000 and 12,000 advisers.  

We see this as a global trend with many of the challenges facing advisors today having little to do with finances or investment choices.

 Wholesale changes in regulatory, education & qualification requirements, reduced income, increased costs and changing attitudes have many advisers at a cross roads questioning whether to remain in the industry and if so are there alternative options ??




Maven Capital knows there are advisers with a wealth of experience currently at a crossroads.  


There are options.


Continue on as an Authorised Representative running your business with support from a professional AFS Licensee with a fixed cost base.


Continue on as an Authorised Representative utilising Maven Capitals Back Office support including Para-Planning and CRM. This option involves a revenue split to cover licensing and support activities.


A further option is a Transition model that allows for you to create a succession plan that suits your circumstances for the best outcome for you and your clients. The options here range from a Partial to a Full sale of your client book to gradually migrating your client book whilst continuing as a Client Manager alongside the incoming adviser.


There are many options for advisers to set up a plan of action whilst keeping clients in good hands and continuing to earn an income. 


We would like to help, even if it means just having a chat over a coffee about it. 



Advisors do not need to feel alone in their practices with little in the way of planning and compliance support or in the case of one person businesses somewhere to go or call for a chat. 


Maven Capital works closely with its advisers so they are able to focus on their clients and their business, which is what most of us have joined the industry to do after all.  


We understand that every practice and adviser is unique, however in order to provide a professional and profitable business there are certain essential elements – Leadership, Infrastructure and Support, all essential elements that are needed to provide a superior level of service and trust your clients expect and deserve.. 

Business Meeting


Maven strives to meet the highest professional standards of financial adviser compliance. We will work with our advisers to meet high Professional Standards and provide a risk management framework to help our advisers with their business processes and understanding of compliance requirements. 



Maven Capital sees its role as that of a trusted adviser, providing our advisers with guidance in simplifying what can be quite complex compliance measures and assisting them in implementing the appropriate advice, investment strategies and risk insurances for their clients and business. 



A premium priority for us is to work together to ensure our advisers have the confidence their clients are receiving advice that is always in their best interest, we do this by providing unparalleled support and offering a broad range of financial products . 


Maven Capital Pty Ltd 

AFSL 418504


ACN: 152 426 554
Ph:  07 5507 7721


Any advice contained in this website is general advice only, before making any investment decision you consider whether it is appropriate to your situation. Maven Capital recommends you to seek appropriate financial, taxation and legal advice. Please read our Financial Services Guide before deciding on whether to obtain financial services from us.

© 2020 by Maven Capital

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